History of ICANS

ICANS was founded by a group of scientists in 1977, and links over 15 facilities worldwide, providing a forum for scientists and engineers to discuss and share information on the progress and developments in reactor- and accelerator-based neutron sources.  John M. Carpenter (Argonne National Laboratory), Rex G. Fluharty (Los AlamosS Scientific Laboratory), Leo C. W. Hobbis (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) and Motoharu Kimura (Tohoku University and the Japanese National Laboratory for High Energy Physics, KEK), formulated the goals and structure of the collaboration, focussing on the subjects of accelerator development, source (target) and moderator development, and neutron scattering instrumentation development. ICANS has the following goals:

  • to facilitate the exchange of technical information
  • to provide for review of results and designs
  • to reduce duplication of efforts
  • to identify areas for collaborative efforts, and
  • to provide means for informing participants about plans for activities relating to pulsed and steady spallation source development.


Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [Extended]:
    06 January 2017
  • Early registration deadline [Extended]:
    10 February 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    17 March 2017
  • Paper submission deadline:
    27 March 2017

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